Kees Huizinga to 'Europe' at the request of the Ukrainian agricultural organization


RTV Noord, March 4, 2022

The Groningen farmer Kees Huizinga, who has a farm in Kischenci, Ukraine, including two thousand cows, is on his way to 'Europe', as he says himself. He has now arrived at the border with Romania.

Huizinga's wife and children left for the Netherlands last Thursday. Huizinga then decided to stay on his farm.

Big network

But now the Ukrainian agricultural organization with 1,100 members has asked Huizinga to go to Europe to protect the interests of Ukrainian farmers. According to the organization, Huizinga has a large network. "I didn't even know I had that," Huizinga says in a video he records along the way. “But last week I received support from farmers all over the world.” According to Huizinga, the Ukrainian Agricultural Organization is concerned about the consequences of a possible power outage at Huizinga. “They say: if you no longer have the internet, you are of no value to the other farmers. That's why you have to go to Europe.'

Talking to a lot of people

Huizinga hopes that he will have the opportunity to talk to many people and tell them what is happening in Ukraine. "I have 20 years of experience in that country, so hopefully I can pass that on to the rest of the world. And can I convince everyone that Ukraine is a democracy and that the Ukrainians are a free people.”